• Milly Bannister

How to deal with (HSA) - Holiday Szn Anxiety

It seems, the older we get, the more strange the holiday season feels (as if a hairy old man climbing down our chimneys to deliver our presents isn't weird at all...). As the excitement of gifts, trees, lights and food dwindles (not completely, we love a good cheese platter and festive decor opportunity), our anxiety around the holiday season fattens up.

There's something about the end of year holiday season that marks 'yet another year older' or 'I can't believe how fast that year went', and with that, comes a natural tendency to self-criticise and experience all kinds of anxiety symptoms.

However! Hurrah! This doesn't necessarily mean doomsday (or doomsmonth) for our self-esteem. Reflection can actually be very helpful, but we want to give ourselves from structure and framework to go walk gently down that path instead of letting our mind run wild.

Here are our favourite suggestions gathered from our Experts and lovely community members:

1. Journaling: self-driven, structured or guided with prompts 2. Mindfulness exercises: eating something spicy, mindfulness meditation, 5-4-3-2-1 grounding technique 3. Make lists: of your goals, strengths, values 4. Perspectivize: spend time in nature or with animals 5. Phone-free time

Hot tip! Download the free GRLKND App for a daily check-in experience, guided grounding experience and access to crisis lines. Happy holidays beautiful people.

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