• Milly Bannister

My Journey back to Wellness

Updated: Apr 21

I'm Milly. I'm 23 and mostly healthy. No major medical concerns. I suffer from chronic fatigue symptoms, bloating, nausea, headaches, dizziness. I'm passively well but I'm not totally thriving.

So, you might be thinking - that's pretty good or good enough? And yes, I'm absolutely grateful for my current health but I believe it's everybody's birthright to deserve true wellness.

Perhaps up until now you’ve been quite passive and uncaring about what you’ve been eating, but your body deserves better and your mind will thank you for it. Maturity means taking responsibility for yourself, which can be challenging, but to improve the quality of your life, well that’s well worth the effort.

I sat down with Andi Lew, the GRLKND Wellness Expert for an initial wellness consult over Zoom and I wanted for you to be able to listen in. Click the replay below to jump in!

Throughout the call, you may have heard the mention of Kate from @korewellbeing, who I'm very excited to be working in the wonderful world of naturopathy. I'm excited to begin my journey back to wellness with these two incredible women!

Kate at @korewellbeing is offering 'Pay What You Can' sessions (virtually) if you're interested in seeing a naturopath! Andi Lew is also offering Wellness Consults if you're keen for a facilitated conversation around your individual wellness journey! Here's what I'm up to so far:

Setting weekly goals Drinking 2-3L of water per day Adding extra good fats and seeds to my diet Giving myself permission to rest (nap for 30+ mins) Taking adrenaline supplements

Looking forward to updating you on my progress + chatting to you about your own journey!

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