• Shreya Basu

Podcasts to listen to immediately

Podcasts have increasingly become my favourite medium to learn something new. I feel like there’s something for everyone, but there are a definite few that have stood out. Below are a few I’ve come across through the last year, so have a squizz and support some feminist icons.

The Bobo & Flex Show

At the top of my list this is! Yes, albeit we haven’t heard any new episodes in what seems like a millennia, there are episodes that even now I’ve gone back to listen to a few times. Topics in this podcast span from toxic activism, conflict resolution, all the way through to friendship breakups and spirituality. Bobo and Flex provide a platform for discussion and provide a viewpoint unlike any other. Critically analyse why you think the way you do and warning, it may lead you to an existential crisis lead you to analyse how you think of things.